Whenever a friend or family member asks about me finding a girlfriend I always respond with, “I’m not getting married.” The way I see it, marriage is nothing more than a process where you sacrifice every aspect of your life for the sole benefit of relieving loneliness. I honestly don’t think I’m a strong enough person to devote my life to someone else. Of course there are times when I wish there was someone who deeply cared about me, but I’ve always been able to tolerate being on my own. I’ve seen too many people ignorantly rush into relationships due to their distorted perceptions of love (myself included). However, I’m sure if I were to encounter someone who seemed absolutely perfect for me, I wouldn’t hesitate to start improving myself.

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  3. turtlemonade said: i find it nice that you’re in a solid middle. like you don’t hate them or completely disagree with them but aren’t desperate for one either.
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